Safer Recruitment Checklist

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A Safer Recruitment Checklist tool breaks down the safer recruitment process into manageable stages, illustrating what actions should be taken at each step and ensuring a thorough and standardised approach to hiring from the initial job application pack to the final stages of appointment, mentoring and supervision.

The Safer Recruitment Checklist also helps in filtering out unsuitable candidates and helps ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. By following this checklist, organisations can reinforce their commitment to safeguarding, ensuring that staff members and volunteers are appropriately vetted and suitable for working closely with vulnerable individuals.

The Safer Recruitment Checklist consists of six sections:

  1. Job Application Pack
  2. Advertising
  3. Shortlisting
  4. Interviewing
  5. Deciding Who to Hire and Checks
  6. Appointment, Mentoring and Supervision

To download a free PDF version of the checklist for use in your organisation and learn more about the different sections and how they fit into the overall safer recruitment process, visit our new Smart Horizons website and read the article titled ‘Safer Recruitment Checklist‘.

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Safer Recruitment Training

We offer two different versions of our online Safer Recruitment Training courses for hiring staff, outlining all you need to know about safer recruitment practices in organisations that work with or support children, young people and adults at risk.

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