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St Martins in the Fields High School

“An informative course to stretch your mind to utilise all of the training and experience of working in Safeguarding Young People in Education.”

Denise Baird


Levenshulme High School

“Excellent quality training, easy to navigate resources with supplementary materials relevant to the course materials for future reference. Would highly recommend.”

Amanda Moretta


Breckenbrough School

“This is essential training for all adults who work with children."

Mike Pointon


Great Easton C of E Primary School

“A modern holistically focused company dedicated to child safety.”

Ron Gilder


Appleton Primary School

“Focused and tailored to my needs.”

Anthony Garner


Whiston Willis Community Primary School

“Excellent online Safeguarding course. The course is thorough and there is an opportunity to test one's knowledge. Excellent.”

Ian Cooper



Nothing But The Tooth

"Easy to access and complete courses."

Celia Burns


Pembroke Practice and Implant Centre

“I found the course very easy to understand. As I have followed the topics I have printed off the policies and I will keep them all together in my folder and make sure all staff know where to find them. The course has given me all the tools needed to confidently lead in the DSP role and I have learnt so much more than I was aware of previously.”

Wayne Wade


Northborough Dental Surgery

"Excellent resource, intuitive and approachable."

Christopher Hibbins



The Pony Club

“Great comprehensive course, full of facts and information, easy to follow.”

Candy Robbins


The British Horse Society

“It was good to refresh on all aspects and also having good contact points to go to if I ever had concerns about welfare issues.”

Alec Miles


British Showjumping

"I was impressed with this course. It had a great balance between adults and children safeguarding and was easy to follow and understand. The questions made sense and they were not designed to trick people or confuse you. Overall it was a really good course."

Nikki Daly



Wandsworth Music

“The course was thorough, leaving me clear about, and in no doubt about, what to be aware of and how to respond appropriately for the protection of the child and within the legal framework.”

Loulla Gorman


Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership

“Clear, relevant and easy to follow.”

Gillian Jackson


Rocksteady Music School

“As I am going into the teaching role, this was very insightful and helpful in what I need to look out for to keep the children safe.”

Jamie Foreman

Sports and Leisure



“Completed through work. Not restricted by videos. as a fast reader this can make them boring with wasted time. Good content.”

Yolande Roberts



“I found the course easy to follow. The information was clear, current and explicit. Staff were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It was easy to do the course in my time- a real bonus."

Grace Bartholomew

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Wild Learning & Development

“As I am going into the teaching role, this was very insightful and helpful in what I need to look out for to keep the children safe.”

Julie Holland

Early Years

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Kookaburra Playgroup

"This was a very good course, with information that was easy to read and understand."

Jennifer Harrod


Victoria Park Infant School

“I found the course engaging and not at all difficult to understand. Practical aspects, such as logging-on and resumption were perfectly straightforward. Thank you for presenting this difficult subject in a calm and measured way.”

Barbara Hart


KJ Childminding

"I have just completed the safeguarding training. It was a great course, at a good price."

Karen Jowett

Childminders and Nannies


"This was a very good course, with information that was easy to read and understand."

Sharon Roussel


"This is a really informative course to complete for childminders. You are able to complete it at your own pace so you can really process the information provided. Thank you."

Kim Turner


“This was a well laid out and informative online course. I liked the recap questions as we progressed along. I would highly recommend this course.”

Tracey Griffiths

Training Providers


Positioning Youth to Prosper

"The Child Protection Company is an excellent course provider! Great courses, great value for money and great customer service!"

Patty Nelson



“Excellent course which I was happy  to pay for since it was well constructed and user- friendly despite the complexity of the subject.”

Tania Russell


Positioning Youth to Prosper

"This was a good course, with lots of information."

Michael Bailey

Other Sectors


TARA Professional Recruitment 

"Very concise and informative. This course covered all of the important safeguarding information."

Pauline Brewin


UK Power Networks

"A great way to provide important information on this subject, and to underpin existing levels of understanding."

Brian Durrant


West Mercia Search & Rescue

"This was a very interesting course, it will make you re-evaluate how you look at situations you come across."

Sarah-Jane Pearce

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