Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Thousands of organisations use our learning management system to organise, manage and deliver their training goals

Reduces training administration time

Set-up all your users and invite them to take training in under 5 minutes

System generated user notifications and reminders 

All progress and certificates held in a single central training record

Comprehensive suite of reports

Annual licence options

No limit on the size of organisations

Our friendly customer services team is available via telephone, online chat and email to help you with any questions

Learning Management System - CP

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Why use our Learning Management System?

Set Up

Administrators can add and delete users, allocate courses, notify them to take a course and send reminders. Admins can manage user passwords and profiles.  


The LMS can manage your reminders, such as requesting users to take/retake courses. These reminders can be tailored with different email content and send times.

Account Management

View your organisation’s training licence and credits bought/used, see the number of users still to take or retake their training, or purchase new courses and credits.  


Users can access their certificates after they have successfully completed a course. Administrators can also get access to all users' certificates and download them.


See your organisation’s training status eg. number of users to still take or retake their training and access reports that let you track, measure and report on a user’s progress. 


Show inspectors a complete and verifiable record of staff’s training compliance regime including certificates, reports and automated reminders that have been sent. 

Using our LMS is simple, but to help you on your way, we've put together a comprehensive user guide.

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Colin Hexley

An excellent course, easy to follow and understand and provides valuable follow-up information sites, for you to read the research.


Chris Richardson

A very relevant and significant course, easy to follow and more importantly, easy to comprehend the responsibility we all share toward the well-being of children in Education.


Amanda Moretta

Excellent quality training, easy to navigate resources with supplementary materials relevant to the course materials for future reference. Would highly recommend it.


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