Updates to the Prevent Duty guidance

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We have recently updated our Prevent course to be in line with the latest Prevent duty guidance for schools and early years providers in England and Wales. While there are no new legal duties or obligations, there has been a slight shift in focus and some changes in the guidance. There are also no changes…

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Working Together to Safeguard Children (WTTSC) 2023

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The Updated Working Together to Safeguard Children Statutory Guidance 2023 In December 2023, the Department for Education (DfE) published an updated version of its statutory guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children (WTTSC) 2023. This update replaces the 2018 statutory guidance. It provides mandatory and recommended advice and actions for organisations and agencies in England to effectively…

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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Quiz

Safeguarding covers a huge range of aspects, including knowing the specific signs to look out for, being aware of the legislation surrounding the issue and what processes you need to follow in order to demonstrate the most care and consideration when approaching such a sensitive topic. While your knowledge may be excellent in some areas,…

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Legislation for Safeguarding

Legislation for Safeguarding Children Due to the importance of preventing the harm, abuse and neglect of children and promoting their well-being, legislation for safeguarding has always existed at the heart of children’s child protection policies, procedures and practices. If you are a person or a business who has indirect or direct contact with children, you…

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Safeguarding Children Quiz

Safeguarding is a complex topic and includes knowing the specific signs of abuse to look out for, being aware of the child protection regulations and what processes and procedures you need to follow if you suspect that there is a cause for concern. When it comes to safeguarding children, being careful of how you approach…

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Safeguarding at Christmas

Safeguarding at Christmas  Christmas is often seen as the most magical, family-orientated time of the year. But with this focus on family comes pressure – so much so that that same magic can be lost under the expectation of what Christmas SHOULD be. Whether it’s the anxiety that comes with spending extended time around family…

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Safeguarding Sport

Safeguarding in Sport  Sporting activities can often serve as an important aspect of a child’s development, so safeguarding in sport is incredibly vital. Every day, hundreds of thousands of children around the UK take part in different sporting and leisure activities. Those who organise and run the activities all share the responsibility of ensuring that…

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Safeguarding in After School Clubs

after school club

Introduction Before you venture into providing out-of-school care to children, it’s vital that you train your staff and yourself adequately. But what qualifications do you need or safeguarding in after school clubs? Reading through the government material on legal requirements and best practices can be quite time-consuming. To help, in this article we’ve listed exactly…

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