What is Level 2 safeguarding training?

safeguarding training

Introduction Although levels are often referred to in relation to Safeguarding for Children, there is no set definition as there is within the healthcare sector. Whilst for many years safeguarding training was referred to in levels, it now tends to be referred to via terms such as Introductory, Advanced, Further and/or Designated Safeguarding Lead training. …

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What is the difference between child protection training and safeguarding training?

Child protection training or safeguarding training? Aren’t the two the same? Well, yes…and no. The answer’s a little more complicated than that. Fortunately, if you want to know the difference between child protection and safeguarding, we’ve got you covered. What is safeguarding training? As one of the leading providers of online safeguarding training in the…

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Adding Your Training Certificates To Your LinkedIn Profile

Safeguarding Certificate

LinkedIn is a useful business communication tool and for those looking for a new job, prospective employers can easily view your profile and see what qualifications you have. If you’ve taken training with us, you might want to add the details to your profile to let everyone know about your achievement in passing the course…

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