What level of safeguarding training do I need to work in a school?

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Safeguarding training is an essential part of continuous professional development for every member of staff who works in a school setting in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t really matter what role you have – whether you’re teaching part-time, working in the admin offices, or locking the gates at the end of the day, you are still required to have up to date, verifiable safeguarding training.

Why do I need safeguarding training to work in a school?

There are countless signs and indicators of child abuse and neglect, and without appropriate safeguarding training, we would be blind to most of these signals. This could prevent us from noticing when a child is in need, and since it is your professional responsibility to safeguard the students who attend your school, you should always make safeguarding training a priority.

Alongside the practical reasons for taking safeguarding training is the need to have a verifiable safeguarding certificate for inspection purposes. No matter where you are based in the United Kingdom, your inspecting body (Ofsted, Estyn, Independent Schools Inspectorate, Education Scotland, etc.) will pay close attention to your school’s safeguarding policies and procedures, and your whole school will lose valuable marks if it becomes clear that some staff members do not have an up to date safeguarding certificate.

What safeguarding training do I need as a teacher?

Every teacher working in the United Kingdom should have at minimum an introductory level of safeguarding training, and the certificate to prove that this training has not expired and is verifiable.

An introductory course (formerly known as Level 1 safeguarding training – though it should be noted that safeguarding levels are now no longer referred to in education settings) will cover all the basics of child protection, including the major signs and indicators of abuse and neglect, how to report your concerns, and the key legislation. An online course such as our Safeguarding Children covers all of this knowledge.

However, teachers are also required to have safeguarding training in two other essential safeguarding areas: the Prevent Duty, and Online Safety.

We have combined all three essential safeguarding topics into one education-specific online training course. Safeguarding in Education is our recommended training for all teachers who work in the United Kingdom.

If you would prefer to train in all three areas separately, then we recommend our Safeguarding Children online training course, followed by Prevent Duty Training and Online Safety Training.

What safeguarding training do I need in the senior leadership team?

While it is only an essential requirement for the senior leadership team to have an introductory level of safeguarding training, we recommend that the senior leadership team, along with pastoral care teams, heads of department, and all other senior members of staff also take our Designated Safeguarding Lead Training online course. This will ensure that senior staff are not only aware of the basics of child protection, but are also knowledgeable about the extended processes and procedures that happen after a report has taken place. There is no such thing as having too much knowledge on a subject when it comes to safeguarding.

What safeguarding training do I need as the Designated Safeguarding Lead?

As the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person, it is your responsibility to have both an introductory level of safeguarding and a further safeguarding certificate. This can be achieved by taking both our Safeguarding in Education and Designated Safeguarding Lead Training online training courses.

If you would like a more in-depth overview of essential safeguarding topics such as the Prevent Duty and Online Safety, you might also be interested in our Prevent Duty Training and Online Safety Training online safeguarding courses.

What safeguarding training do I need as school admin/support staff?

Even if your role is not classroom-based, because you still work in a school setting, you require at least an introductory level of safeguarding training to fulfil your safeguarding responsibilities. Our Safeguarding in Education online training course is the most suitable option for school admin and support staff.

Do I need safeguarding training if I work in any other education role?

The likelihood is that if you work on a school premises, or you work in any role that brings you into direct contact with children, you will need to have an up to date safeguarding certificate to evidence your knowledge and ability to safeguard children.

If you are not sure, it is always best to check with your line manager or the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) for your area.

Do I need face-to-face safeguarding training?

For the vast majority of education staff in the United Kingdom, an online safeguarding training course, as long as it is verifiable and written to meet safeguarding inspection guidelines, like ours, will be widely accepted by inspecting bodies.

For more information about our verifiable online safeguarding courses, or to enquire about face-to-face safeguarding training, please browse our website or get in touch by calling 01327 552030, emailing hello@smarthorizons.co.uk, or using our live chat feature.