How to keep children safe from accidents

how to keep children safe

Introduction From the 6th-12th June, it’s Child Safety Week. Nationwide, the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) encourages conversations about managing the risks to child safety. This year’s theme is Safety in mind; CAPT wants us all to think on the ways we can reduce the chances of accidents before they happen. To that end, we’ve…

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Safeguarding in the Workplace

safeguarding in the workplace

What is safeguarding in the workplace? In this article, we’ll explore safeguarding in the workplace and some relevant scenarios. When we talk about safeguarding, we often refer to children and vulnerable adults. As a result, we think about the safeguarding requirements of schools, care homes and any places where there are typically at-risk people. However,…

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Self-Harm in Young People

self harm children young people

Self-harm is becoming increasingly common amongst young people in the United Kingdom, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding the issue that show we still have a long way to go towards understanding self-harm, the causes and indicators, and how we can help young people who are self-harming. What is self-harm? Many people think that…

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Spotting the Signs of a Child Who Self-Harms

If you suspect that a child has been self-harming, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to approach the topic with them, no matter their age or relationship to you. However, it is always important to deal with your concerns as soon as they arise. Self-harm can become a compulsive behaviour if the correct…

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The 6 Principles of Safeguarding

safeguarding training

The Care Act  In 2015, the UK government introduced a new legislation titled The Care Act 2014. The purpose of this document was to set forth the expectations and responsibilities for carers and people being cared for across the United Kingdom. Included in The Care Act are 6 Principles of Safeguarding. These principles are intended…

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The Effects of Child Abuse

According to the NSPCC, 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused. This is an astonishing number when we take into consideration the fact there are over 11 million children living in the UK today. Sexual abuse and sexual violence are huge safeguarding concerns, and the impact this abuse has on young…

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