E-Safety for Parents

NoBullying.com has released an updated guide to Internet Safety Tips which explains some of the ways children can protect themselves online. Tips include:

  • Think before You Post
  • Choose Screen Names and Passwords Carefully
  • Avoid Contributing to Bad Behaviour

For parents wanting to learn more about e-Safety take a look at our online e-Safety for parents course.  Lots of schools are now using this training to engage parents in e-Safety, here are just a couple of the comments we have received:

I purchased the online e-Safety course for all Academy staff and I was impressed with the way that it was easy to administer, monitor and deploy. As this has been authored in line with the  e-Safety requirements as published by Ofsted this gave me the confidence that the content would help education and demonstrate our commitment to on going e-Safety requirements. In addition we have recently purchased the parent version of the course which I feel is also important as working with the extended community is a vital part of the education process. 

Andrew Richardson-Medd, Assistant Headteacher, Thomas Ferens Academy.

Will highly recommend the e-Safety for Parents course.  I hope many parents choose to go through this – so important that we all work together to try to keep our children safe .

Lesley Wilson,  Harrogate Grammar School (Parents)