Legislation for Safeguarding

Legislation for Safeguarding Children Due to the importance of preventing the harm, abuse and neglect of children and promoting their well-being, legislation for safeguarding has always existed at the heart of children’s child protection policies, procedures and practices. If you are a person or a business who has indirect or direct contact with children, you…

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How to keep children safe from accidents

how to keep children safe

Introduction From the 6th-12th June, it’s Child Safety Week. Nationwide, the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) encourages conversations about managing the risks to child safety. This year’s theme is Safety in mind; CAPT wants us all to think on the ways we can reduce the chances of accidents before they happen. To that end, we’ve…

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How do you safeguard a child?

safeguarding training

Online safeguarding training forms an essential part of core training for many professions across a wide range of sectors. If you work with or around children and young adults under the age of 18, it’s highly likely you have a legal duty to safeguard their wellbeing…but how, exactly, do you do that? What is safeguarding?…

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What is Digital Resilience?

Digital resilience is the ability of young people to develop a critical mind-set when accessing digital information to reduce their vulnerability to potentially harmful information. Information on the internet and social media platforms can often be presented in a very persuasive, yet misleading, manner. Digital resilience skills help young people to navigate the information, deal…

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Spotting the Signs of a Child Who Self-Harms

If you suspect that a child has been self-harming, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to approach the topic with them, no matter their age or relationship to you. However, it is always important to deal with your concerns as soon as they arise. Self-harm can become a compulsive behaviour if the correct…

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