What do I need to know about schools safeguarding training?

schools safeguarding training

Schools safeguarding training courses are a legal requirement for every member of staff, but what else do you need to know about safeguarding in addition to your regular training?

What is schools safeguarding training?

There are a whole lot of different ways to take safeguarding training if you work in a school, pre-school, or college in the United Kingdom. You may be familiar with face-to-face safeguarding training sessions or day-long conferences led by the local authority to update you on the most recent safeguarding requirements. Many schools even bring in external safeguarding trainers to deliver sessions to staff onsite.

Safeguarding is of vital importance in any school environment, so it’s no surprise that there is a long list of options for you to choose from when it comes time to refresh your schools safeguarding training. At minimum, a good safeguarding training course will teach you the basics of child protection and safeguarding (including the definitions of each and how they are different from each other) as well as the most common signs of abuse and neglect, and what to do if you have a safeguarding concern.

Across the country, online schools safeguarding training is becoming increasingly popular for its extra level of convenience and money-saving benefits. Rather than sitting on long waiting lists to access a trainer or a course, schools can achieve the same depth of training through a dedicated online system such as ours here at the Child Protection Company, while reducing the administrative headache that comes along with face-to-face safeguarding training.

schools safeguarding training

What schools safeguarding training courses are available?

Our team of dedicated child protection experts and professionals has a wealth of experience, and our bestselling online schools safeguarding courses reflect this through and through.

Unlike other training providers, our popular Safeguarding in Education online training courses are essentially 3 courses in 1, covering basic child protection and safeguarding training alongside modules for Online Safety and the Prevent Duty too.

If you work in a primary or secondary school, why not take a look at our Safeguarding in Education online safeguarding course? With real-life case studies and scenarios specific to your environment, and with content suitable for all staff from lunchtime supervisors through to headteachers, it’s a great choice for schools who want to ensure everyone is trained to know what to do in the event of a safeguarding incident. Click here now to view our Safeguarding in Education online schools safeguarding course.

If you work in an Early Years environment, we have a dedicated course Safeguarding in Early Years that includes all the same content as our Safeguarding in Education training but with a focus on the Early Years. It includes additional information specific to your role, and this course is also suitable for all staff who work in your Early Years setting.

If you work in the music department or have a peripatetic role that requires you to teach or tutor children in schools, our Safeguarding in Music Education course is the best choice for you. It includes all the necessary safeguarding information found in our Safeguarding in Education course but with a focus on music education, with additional advice about lone-working for music tutors. Click here now to view our Safeguarding in Music Education online safeguarding course.

schools safeguarding training

What if I need a higher level of schools safeguarding training?

Designated Safeguarding Leads and senior staff will need to have an advanced level of safeguarding training in order to take on the additional safeguarding responsibilities required of their role.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead Training online safeguarding course is a great choice for anyone who has already completed one of our basic schools safeguarding courses and now wants to build upon that knowledge. It teaches you how to make referrals and goes into greater depth about the processes and procedures and government legislation, including advice on successful multi-agency working. Click here now to view our Designated Safeguarding Lead online safeguarding course.

Is a schools safeguarding training certificate the only thing I need?

It is a statutory requirement to have an up to date schools safeguarding training certificate at all times, but safeguarding training is not the only thing you need to be concerned with when it comes to effective safeguarding practice in your school.

Alongside safeguarding training, if you work in a school or college in the United Kingdom, you also have a legal duty to read Keeping Children Safe in Education. This is statutory government guidance and the most current version of the document can be read on the GOV.UK website.

Keeping Children Safe in Education, like all statutory documents, gets updated frequently with the latest safeguarding information and guidance. The document has been refreshed for the start of the 2019 academic year to reflect information about the newly introduced Safeguarding Partners (which will be replacing Local Safeguarding Children Boards from September 2019) and several other important safeguarding changes.

Do all school staff have to read Keeping Children Safe in Education?

It is a legal requirement that all staff who work in an education environment in any capacity in the United Kingdom must read Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

All those who work directly with children and school/college leaders should also read Annex A in addition to Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

schools safeguarding training

Is there an easy way to make sure all staff have read Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 before the start of the academic year?

Because we’re committed to helping schools improve their safeguarding practice, we now offer a useful Keeping Children Safe in Education course alongside our regular schools safeguarding courses.

Presenting the statutory guidance in an easy to read, training course-style format, we’ve made it easy for schools to keep on track with their essential safeguarding reading while also making it possible for you to see an accurate record of who has or hasn’t read Keeping Children Safe in Education—and the date they last accessed the document. You can also be sure they have read and understood it as in order to pass the course, staff must achieve 70% or more in the final assessment.

For more information about our Keeping Children Safe in Education course, please click here.

Got a question about schools safeguarding training?

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