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ofsted safeguarding briefing

As part of our ongoing cause to support teachers and school staff in delivering effective safeguarding inside and out of the classroom, our team at the Child Protection Company have been working hard to deliver a host of resources that will empower teachers to extend a strong safeguarding message to their students. We believe that…

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Ofsted Annual Report 2016/17: Ineffective Safeguarding of ‘Particular Concern’ in 17% of Independent Schools

In the 2016/17 Ofsted Annual Report, which was released to the public today, it became clear that safeguarding is still ineffective in a large number of independent schools across the country. Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman presented the findings as part of her first annual report, which aims to highlight inspection evidence from schools, colleges,…

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How well is further education implementing the ‘Prevent’ duty?

Further education providers, along with schools, have had a legal duty to implement ‘Prevent’ and reduce the risks of radicalisation and extremism for learners since Sept 2015.  Ofsted have inspected a sample of further education providers to see how well the ‘Prevent ‘ duty has been implemented, during the first academic year since it was made a…

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How to move towards ‘Outstanding’ – Part 1

how to move towards outstanding

Getting to outstanding is a big task but possible for all schools given that the latest Ofsted inspection framework is overwhelmingly related to demonstrating high rates of pupil progress. This article is the first in a series that will explore what it means to be outstanding.   Outstanding – what you will be judged on…

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Online Safeguarding Training for Schools

What makes online training the perfect choice for schools?   Online courses can be taken at a time that suits staff and the school timetable Online course notes are available for the duration of the certification All your staff receive the same rigour of training Training is simple to monitor and can be easily evidenced…

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Not yet fulfilled your Prevent duty? We can help…

  DfE’s clear and simple guidance has prompted more and more schools to take our Awareness of Prevent duty online training, quickly making it one of our best selling courses. Written by expert Prevent practitioners, the course is specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in busy education settings. You can rest assured…

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Brilliant Blogs for Teachers: good teachers, Twitter for teachers and #teacher5adaysketch

brilliant blogs for teachers

Hello again! How’s your half-term going?  Hopefully, you’ll have had time to rest and recharge. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Brilliant Blogs… Teacher Toolkit’s post, ‘What is a good teacher’ includes video clips and the opportunity to download his presentation from the SSAT National Conference: Leading Learning. Are you a teacher who already uses Twitter? …

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Tips for a successful Ofsted inspection

Dr. Jamie Clarke

  Being successful at an Ofsted inspection is now less dependent on the ‘show’ that schools are required to put on during the inspection days and more about the day-to-day, long term work that goes on. In light of this, there is much a school can and should do that will help to prepare it…

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Ofsted and Safeguarding 2015 – Part Four

safeguarding blog part four

In the fourth instalment of our short series on Ofsted and safeguarding, we look at what Ofsted expect children to know in relation to safeguarding, and give you some further reading on safeguarding topics .  Don’t worry if you’ve missed the previous instalments as they can be accessed here: Part One Part Two Part Three Children and safeguarding Children should…

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Ofsted and Safeguarding 2015 – Part Three

safeguarding blog part three

In the third instalment of our short series on Ofsted and safeguarding, we explore the role school governors play.  Don’t worry if you’ve missed the previous instalments as they can be accessed here: Part One Part Two What do governors need to know? Governors are responsible for ensuring that policies are put in place and…

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