Thank you for your interest in our free ‘Ofsted Safeguarding Briefing’ video roundup for primary and secondary schools. We think that you deserve the best materials to aid your workload, so we are providing these teaching support materials free of charge to help spread the message about safeguarding.

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Staying Safe Online with Lou Carpenter

A free classroom support video series intended to be a fun and easy way to bring discussion about e-safety to the late primary and early secondary classroom setting. We want to help teachers reach out to young people with a message of empowerment, to help them to make good choices online. These fun videos are delivered by a teenage presenter and filmed in a familiar TV and online video style that your learners will relate to.


E-Safety for School Staff

These videos discuss the underlying concepts and ideas surrounding online safety and can be used as standalone resources to inform teaching teams, DSLs, and SLTs, but the content is also echoed in the Lou Carpenter videos, enabling staff to bring the ideas straight to the classroom.


Blogs and Articles

We regularly produce articles on a range of topics, from snippets of news through to awareness-raising in-depth commentary on safeguarding and child protection issues.

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