Healthcare Professionals

As a Healthcare professional, you are very likely to face child protection and safeguarding challenges at work. In response to these issues, the Royal Colleges and professional bodies collaborated in producing an Intercollegiate Document, which sets out the minimum training requirements for Healthcare professionals. The Intercollegiate Document specifies the level of training required for each role.

If you think that our Introduction and Further courses may be relevant to you, we advise that you please refer back to the Intercollegiate Document, your employer and the relevant professional body before purchasing, to determine the correct level and type of safeguarding training you are required to take. There may be specific professional and local knowledge you need to cover, which could be outside the remit of our training.

Safeguarding Levels

Everyone working in Healthcare, whether in a clinical or administrative role, is required to have at least Level 1 safeguarding training as specified in the Intercollegiate Document.

Our Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course covers the Level 1 core competencies and knowledge requirements, along with some Level 2 knowledge, and as such, they may be suitable as a basic safeguarding course for people working in Healthcare.

The majority of clinical Healthcare workers will also require at least Level 2 training. Our Further Adult/Child Protection course covers the Level 2 core competencies and knowledge requirements as specified in the Intercollegiate Document, along with some Level 3 content, when taken alongside our Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course, and as such, they may be suitable as a safeguarding course for people working in Healthcare.

Healthcare workers who have a greater involvement with children, including General Practitioners and those working in child health and paediatrics, require a depth of knowledge and skills that necessitates more specialist training. Such training is usually delivered in a face-to-face, multi-agency environment and is typically organised by your employer, Local Safeguarding Board, or NHS Trust. Our online courses do not extend to Level 3 training.

Dental Staff

We have developed specialist safeguarding training for Dental practitioners, which is endorsed by the British Dental Association (BDA), to specifically address the training needs of those working in general dental practices. The courses include both child protection and vulnerable adult safeguarding, with an Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course covering all Level 1 competencies and including some Level 2 content, and a Further Adult/Child Protection course covering all Level 1 and Level 2 requirements when taken alongside the Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course.


I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Thank you. Money well spent.

Mark Hanlon, Partner, Hexham Dental Clinic

I just wanted to let you know that your courses on this subject are excellent, informative, easy to follow and offer excellent value for money. Also it provided me with 3 hours of CPD sitting on my armchair! No need to travel and sit through a 3 hour seminar...Fantastic. They are ideal for training on this subject for PCT, CQC and general awareness requirements. I highly recommend them for Dentists, DCPs , Registered Managers and Receptionists.

Dr Vinai Patel, Stratford Dental

It was easy and quick to register and start the course. Very good.

Roya Heidari Tari, Bideford Dental Practice

I found the course very easy to understand. As I have followed the topics I have printed off the linked policies and I will keep them all together and make sure all staff know where to find them. The course has given me all the tools needed to confidently take on the SDP role. I have learnt so much more than I was aware of previously. I would highly recommend this course to all dental practices.

Wayne Wade, Pembroke Dental Practice