Safeguarding during COVID-19

Instructions on how to rollout the updated "Safeguarding during COVID-19" to your staff

  1. These instructions assume that your staff have already taken the original Safeguarding during Covid-19 course.  If this is not the case, please use the previous instructions here.
  2. If you need additional training credits, click here to add the free Safeguarding during Covid-19 courses to your basket and follow the checkout process until you see "Welcome to Your Account" with a picture of a child.  It will default to 100 courses but please feel free to add as many as you need.
  3. Click on Manage your training and change the course drop-down to "Safeguarding during Covid-19".   Select the users you would like to retake the course, by ticking the checkbox in the Select column next to the their names.  N.B. If you click on the Select checkbox in the title, it will select all users on the current page.  Now change the More actions dropdown box to "Set the refresh date for the selected users" and click the Go button.
  4. Enter today's date as a refresh date, for example 03-Nov-2020 and click on the Set Refresh Date button.  Your users will now be able to logon and retake the course.
  5. If you are using Automatic Reminders i.e. the Automatic Reminder dropdown is set to Yes, then click on the blue Reminders button.  Change the the Reminder type to "Training refresher - initial invite", change the Send dropdown to "On refresh date" and click on the Save button.  Within 90 minutes an email will be sent to all of your users inviting them to retake the training course.

N.B. Please don't forward the original email with the link to these instructions directly to your staff, as only one person needs to register the organisation on the learning management system and then all invites for training are issued from that account.

V1.0, 3 November, 2020