Brilliant Blogs for Teachers: Handwriting, maths gems and the last 5 minutes.

brilliant blogs for teachers

Grab a cuppa and check out this week’s education-related nuggets… Our pick of the week’s education blogs are blow: 20 Years a Teacher brings us Patrick Ottley-O’Connor’s discussion on his handwriting and experiences of literacy during his own primary school years. Resourceaholic shares her 51st maths gem post here. David Rogers discusses here how to make the…

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Form tutors: The parents of school life!

form tutors

There isn’t really anything in the teacher training handbooks or that I really recall from my PGCE course that addresses (or prepares you for) the role of Form Tutor. No one I spoke to ever picked out being a form tutor as a highlight – and there are times I can understand why. In the…

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Brilliant Blogs for Teachers: Stationery, AfL and the First Day Back

blogs for teachers

My favourite teaching blogs this week… I love this blog by ICTEvangelist on the Ten Things you Should Know about Teachers. Having spent 12 years working as a teacher, I found them scarily accurate. Even though I’ve left the profession, I can still carry numerous bags and a cup of tea (without spilling it, I…

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