what is cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying? Also known as ‘online bullying’, cyberbullying is the use of online or digital technology to bully, harass or intimidate others. Cyberbullying isn’t just about sending nasty messages. It can also include the setting up of groups on social media to intimidate or isolate individuals, trolling, posting photographs or personal information about people…

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Congratulations to Wickham Common Primary School

Congratulations to Wickham Common Primary School who were the lucky winner of our Prize Draw to win up to £5000 worth of e-safety training. Headteacher Mrs Shelia Taplin said “We are delighted to be the winners of this generous prize and are looking forward to receiving our training which will enable us to give our…

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e-Safety and Ofsted: how NOT to get caught out!

All schools are aware of the need for robust safeguarding procedures however, some are still not fully aware of the role e-safety plays within this. Ofsted inspect e-safety practice within schools as part of their safeguarding provision. As a result, thousands of school staff have taken the online e-Safety Awareness Course with the This…

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e-Safety and Schools

e-safety for schools

What’s your school’s commitment to e-safety like?  Do you regularly speak to students about staying safe online?  Can staff and students identify and manage e-safety risks? If your staff haven’t received specific e-safety training, now may well be the time to address this.  We offer an online e-safety awareness course which has been designed to enable…

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