Dental Safeguarding: What do you need to know in 2020?

dental safeguarding

The end of the year is a great time to make sure all of your paperwork and admin duties are in line ready for January, and there’s perhaps no responsibility more important in the modern dental practice than your dental safeguarding training. You’ll be inspected on safeguarding as part of your next CQC inspection, so…

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3 hours of General Dental Council verifiable CPD per safeguarding course!

dental safeguarding training

Do you find it difficult to ensure that all your staff attend regular, high quality safeguarding training?   It’s a headache for many dental teams across the UK to know where to start with organising a training session—nobody can ever remember who kept the details of the last trainer you used, and when you finally…

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Are you a dentist needing CPD hours?

If so, you might be very interested to know that our online combined adult and child safeguarding courses each equate to three hours of verifiable CPD.  That’s not all…keep reading for more reasons why online training could be the perfect fit for your practice…  

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Dentists – have you completed all your CPD hours yet?

If you haven’t yet completed all your CPD hours and you haven’t updated your safeguarding training, then look no further than the Our online training courses offer combined child and vulnerable adult training AND each course equates to 3 hours of CPD. Call us on 01327 223283 or email us on to discuss…

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Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection for Dentists

Unlike some other online safeguarding providers, we offer a combined child and vulnerable adult protection course written specifically for dentists. Both the Introduction to Child/Vulnerable Adult course and the Further Child/Vulnerable Adult course are worth 3 hours of verifiable CPD. As our courses can be stopped and restarted to fit in round your busy dental…

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