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E-Safety for Parents: Blocking Adult Content

online safety training

A social media site popular with teenagers is banning all pornographic content after the discovery of child sexual abuse material last month—but why is this content available on social media for kids, and how can e-safety for parents help us to keep our children safe from viewing explicit content?   Adult Content on Social Media …

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Level 2 Safeguarding Training for Schools

prevent training

A common question we get asked here at the Child Protection Company is whether or not we deliver Level 2 safeguarding training for schools. The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no…   Do I need level 2 safeguarding training for school staff? It is true that you need (at minimum) a…

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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 – Changes

Keeping Children Safe in Education

A piece of statutory government guidance for education staff is being updated in time for the new school term. Are you up to date with the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) 2018 changes?   What is Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018? Keeping Children Safe in Education (often shortened to KCSiE) is a piece…

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Working Together 2018: What’s Different?

safeguarding partners

If you work with or around children in the United Kingdom, you might already be aware of Working Together 2018 changes and how they impact your role.   What is Working Together 2018? ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children: A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children’ is the government’s statutory guidance…

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Heightened risk of gang grooming for excluded children

online safeguarding training

The Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield believes school exclusions may be contributing towards gang violence and so-called ‘gang grooming’ amongst children in the United Kingdom. “Anecdotally, people report that more children who aren’t in mainstream education are being marginalised and are more vulnerable to gangs, who are preying on them and grooming them. What I want…

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Keeping Children Safe in Music Education

safeguarding in music education

Consider this scenario: Mary is a private music tutor. She has been visiting 15-year-old Claire at home for piano lessons once a week for the last 6 months. Claire is a polite girl but she is still very quiet and reserved around Mary, even though they have spent a lot of time together now. Claire’s…

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Sexual Harassment in Schools: 3 steps to deal with it effectively

sexual harassment schools

How teachers respond to sexual harassment is important as it can impact greatly on the cultures of consent and respect among students. In 2016, Rachel Curzons published an article suggesting three simple steps to effectively deal with harassment in schools. The three main points to take away from her article were:   Challenge Sexist Language…

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Top 10 Exam Stress-Busting Tips

exam stress tips

Exam season is just around the corner if mock exams haven’t already begun in your school, and during this busy period it can be all too easy to get stressed out by the pressure to perform. If you’re pulling your hair out searching for tips to relieve your students of exam stress, take a load…

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Single Central Registers: What to Include?

single central registers safeguarding training

A single central register should be used by every school to keep track of recruitment. The single central register should hold record of DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks, as well as qualification checks, safeguarding training checks, eligibility to work in the UK, and identity checks. To ensure that your organisation’s single central register is…

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The ‘Soft Signs’ of Child Abuse

safeguarding courses soft signs child abuse

No one wants to think about the possibility that a child they know might be a victim of abuse, but it is a sad truth that child abuse and neglect is a very real concern in the United Kingdom. In order to support children who are being neglected or abused, you need to have a…

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