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New Year, New Safeguarding Course?

keeping children safe in education

Can you recall the last time you took a safeguarding course? If it’s been longer than 2 years, there’s a chance you might be at risk of failing your upcoming inspection…   Do safeguarding certificates have expiry dates? All verifiable safeguarding courses will give you a safeguarding certificate upon successful completion, so that you can…

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How can an online safeguarding course help me at work?

safeguarding training

Are you thinking of taking an online safeguarding course but you’re not sure how it will benefit you in the workplace? You’re not alone. Here’s some useful information about online safeguarding training to help you make your decision.   What is safeguarding training? Safeguarding training (also sometimes referred to as child protection training) has been…

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Why Taxi Drivers Need Safeguarding Training

safeguarding training for nannies

You might think that safeguarding training is only important for people who work directly with children, young adults, and vulnerable people, but it’s actually very important to have a safeguarding certificate even if your job doesn’t always involve this. A perfect example of an industry where safeguarding training is very important but often overlooked would…

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What is safeguarding training?

childminders safeguarding training

It might seem like a simple question to some, but what is safeguarding training, and why should you have it? Safeguarding training (also sometimes referred to as child protection training) has been a legal requirement for all professions that come into close contact with children and vulnerable adults for many years. Safeguarding is the process…

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The Rise of Teenage Money Mules

Teenagers are being targeted by criminals in money laundering schemes wherein they are encouraged to give up their bank details in exchange for a percentage of illegal cash.   What is a money mule? Money mules are individuals who give up their bank account details—either intentionally or unknowingly—to allow criminals to deposit large sums of…

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NEW Safeguarding Course: Child Protection for Nannies

nannies safeguarding course

If you offer home-based child care in the United Kingdom, you have a legal requirement to undertake regular verifiable safeguarding training, and you must be able to evidence your current safeguarding certificate upon request.     Who is a Home-Based Childcarer? Home-based child care is a term that extends to cover Childminders, Nannies, Au Pairs,…

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Prevent Duty: Some Useful Resources and Links

prevent duty useful links and resources

Having worked with Prevent Coordinators and anti-radicalisation groups for some years, we launched our online Prevent course 3 years ago. Coupled with our comprehensive learning management system, our Awareness of Prevent Duty course remains a popular choice, particularly for schools. However, we do get asked about other online Prevent Duty resources, so here’s the pick…

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Dental Safeguarding Levels Explained

dental safeguarding levels explained

Please note: The information in this article is intended for the use of dental professionals in the United Kingdom only.     Dental Safeguarding Levels Explained There is a lot of misinterpretation surrounding safeguarding training levels in the United Kingdom. One piece of statutory guidance you will be familiar with, ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’,…

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Easing the Burden on Young Shoulders: Young Carers in the UK

We all hope that we live in a society where, should something happen to us, we will be cared for. In the UK, of course, we are lucky to have the NHS, Social Services, and many other institutions as part of the support network. If we need them, the caring services step up and look…

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