Why Safeguarding is more crucial than ever?

safeguarding schools

We are well aware of the immense pressure that is currently on the variety of professions that work with young people and vulnerable adults; from educators to peripatetic music teachers to sport coaches. We are all navigating this new world while trying our best to keep our young people happy and healthy, this of course…

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Do I need safeguarding training to start a business?

schools safeguarding training

Safeguarding training is an important feature of continuous professional development for individuals working in a variety of roles across the United Kingdom. From staff in schools to support workers in residential care homes and all healthcare professionals, a good knowledge of safeguarding is not only a useful skill but typically a legal requirement. If you’re…

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How do you safeguard a child?

safeguarding training

Online safeguarding training forms an essential part of core training for many professions across a wide range of sectors. If you work with or around children and young adults under the age of 18, it’s highly likely you have a legal duty to safeguard their wellbeing…but how, exactly, do you do that? What is safeguarding?…

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Top 10 Exam Stress-Busting Tips

exam stress tips

Exam season is just around the corner if mock exams haven’t already begun in your school, and during this busy period it can be all too easy to get stressed out by the pressure to perform. If you’re pulling your hair out searching for tips to relieve your students of exam stress, take a load…

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The Importance of Your Online Reputation

keeping children safe online

Before you click to post on social media, do you really think about exactly what your posts and updates could be saying about you? Have you thought about the fact that today’s ‘funny’ tweet or the photos of tonight’s party on Facebook could actually prove to be tomorrow’s nightmare? Maybe it’s time to really think…

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Prevent Duty: Some Useful Resources and Links

prevent duty useful links and resources

Having worked with Prevent Coordinators and anti-radicalisation groups for some years, we launched our online Prevent course 3 years ago. Coupled with our comprehensive learning management system, our Awareness of Prevent Duty course remains a popular choice, particularly for schools. However, we do get asked about other online Prevent Duty resources, so here’s the pick…

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British Dental Association Recommended Safeguarding Courses

dental safeguarding online training

Today is World Oral Health Day, so it’s the perfect time for us to shine the pearly-white spotlight on two of our most popular dental safeguarding courses.   British Dental Association Recommended Safeguarding Courses We provide a dental-specific variant of two of our most popular online safeguarding courses, which are recommended by the British Dental…

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Safeguarding in the Lunch Hall

safeguarding international school meals day

Free School Meals The spotlight is on the topic of free school meals this week, as today is International School Meals Day. Like us at the Child Protection Company, we suspect many of you will have fond (or not-so fond!) memories of the school lunch hall back in the day, and, indeed, the provision of…

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Our CEO in the Snow!

child protection training, safeguarding training

While many of the Child Protection Company’s employees worked from home during ‘The Beast from The East’ last week, our CEO Mark Foster made the snowy walk in to the office to respond to customer calls and enquiries. Here’s his roundup of last week’s events!   These boots are made for walking…. Well, it’s been…

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The Importance of Safeguarding Training in Music Education

safeguarding training music education

  If you work in Music Education in the United Kingdom, you will likely already be aware of your duty to undertake an appropriate level of safeguarding training. If you are based in a school environment, then you may have taken a safeguarding or child protection training course already. If you haven’t, pay close attention…

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