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Why do teachers need a Prevent course in 2019?

safeguarding training

As we move into 2019, does every teacher need a Prevent course, and does the Prevent Duty still have relevance in the classroom? Just how much focus should teachers in the UK place on this statutory government guidance?   What is the Prevent Duty? Every member of staff who works in a school or education…

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How can Prevent Duty training help me in the classroom?

prevent duty training

The chances are, you’ve already heard of the Prevent Duty if you work in education in the United Kingdom, but have you ever taken a Prevent Duty training course? Here are 6 different ways that a Prevent course can help you in the classroom.   1. You will learn the reason why we have the…

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Online Prevent Course – 2018/19 Academic Year

e-safety for parents

 In the 2018/19 academic year, the Prevent Duty is just as important as ever, so you need to be vigilant in ensuring your online prevent course is up to date with current information.   Preventing Radicalisation Radicalisation is a vital safeguarding topic that you need to know about, especially if you work in close contact…

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Are your training certificates up to date for the new academic year?

We assume that the start of the 2017 intake year was the same as every year. You had everything perfectly planned and ready to go, then the gates opened on the first morning back and there was suddenly absolute chaos. Everything from staff illness through to a leaky roof in the annex probably happened, and…

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Poor Prevent training leads teachers in England to refer unnecessarily

Figures released from the National Police Chiefs’ Council reveal that a total of 3,994 people in England and Wales were referred to the de-radicalisation programme known as Channel in 2015, and that one third of these referrals were made by teachers. Meanwhile, the total number of referrals made to Prevent in Scotland during 2015 was…

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Trainee teachers given less than a day’s worth of safeguarding training

A freedom of information request issued by the NSPCC has discovered that primary and secondary trainee teachers typically receive less than a day’s worth of safeguarding training over the course of the year. Meanwhile, students on three- to four-year undergraduate teacher training courses receive an average of 10.5 hours of safeguarding training, with postgraduate trainees…

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New year, new staff: you’ll need safeguarding training

With all the excitement of starting the new academic year, why not make providing your school with high-quality, rigorous safeguarding training an easy decision? Rather than using the September training day to get all staff sat in the school hall listening to presentation on child protection, make the switch to online training. To find out more, get in touch on or…

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What training do I need?

If you work in education but aren’t really sure which of our education specific safeguarding courses you should take, worry no more!   This infographic should help you out: All of our online training courses are in line with new safeguarding updates, including Working Together 2015 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016. Here’s a…

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Online Safeguarding Training for Schools

What makes online training the perfect choice for schools?   Online courses can be taken at a time that suits staff and the school timetable Online course notes are available for the duration of the certification All your staff receive the same rigour of training Training is simple to monitor and can be easily evidenced…

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Why choose Safeguarding in Education?

Safeguarding in Education

  Last summer, we realised that Ofsted’s changes to safeguarding and the Prevent duty were posing a massive issue for schools in terms of training.  We received a number of enquires from senior teachers and school business managers who were getting increasing concerned about how to deliver this specialised training within their schools.  Out of this, the…

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