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Why do teachers need a Prevent course in 2019?

safeguarding training

As we move into 2019, does every teacher need a Prevent course, and does the Prevent Duty still have relevance in the classroom? Just how much focus should teachers in the UK place on this statutory government guidance?   What is the Prevent Duty? Every member of staff who works in a school or education…

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How can Prevent Duty training help me in the classroom?

prevent duty training

The chances are, you’ve already heard of the Prevent Duty if you work in education in the United Kingdom, but have you ever taken a Prevent Duty training course? Here are 6 different ways that a Prevent course can help you in the classroom.   1. You will learn the reason why we have the…

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Safeguarding Tips for Supply Teachers

supply teacher safeguarding

Supply teachers face unique difficulties with regards to safeguarding and being falsely accused. Working in a supply role often means that teachers don’t have much opportunity to establish a professional relationship with the children in their classroom, and as a result of this, everything from their sense of humour to the topics they discuss can…

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Safeguarding Children from Fake News

fake news in schools

There can be no doubt that the amount of fake news, the language of propaganda, the selective use of statistics and what can only be called actual lies, are a problem for education professionals. Every part of the education chain is facing the same core issue: ensuring that learners are equipped to critically evaluate the…

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Easter Opening Hours

safeguarding courses online child protection

Here at the Child Protection Company, our office phone lines are open every weekday from 9am to 5.30pm and our small, friendly team of staff are available to answer any queries you might have. However, please note that our lines will be closed for Bank Holidays, which means we will be taking a longer break…

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Prevent Duty: Some Useful Resources and Links

prevent duty useful links and resources

Having worked with Prevent Coordinators and anti-radicalisation groups for some years, we launched our online Prevent course 3 years ago. Coupled with our comprehensive learning management system, our Awareness of Prevent Duty course remains a popular choice, particularly for schools. However, we do get asked about other online Prevent Duty resources, so here’s the pick…

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Not yet fulfilled your Prevent duty? We can help…

  DfE’s clear and simple guidance has prompted more and more schools to take our Awareness of Prevent duty online training, quickly making it one of our best selling courses. Written by expert Prevent practitioners, the course is specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in busy education settings. You can rest assured…

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Why choose the Safeguarding in Education course?

The Safeguarding in Education course not only gives staff working in educational settings a detailed introduction to safeguarding topics in line with the new Ofsted requirements, but it also covers the new Prevent duty and online safety.   Taking between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete, the course offers you an easy to use yet…

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