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8 Useful Tips: Online Safety for Childminders

online safety

Children use the internet for everything from socialising to entertainment and watching tutorials on how to start a new hobby. There’s no doubt that the internet opens up a host of exciting opportunities for children, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact the online landscape is predominantly designed for adults. Online safety for Childminders is more…

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Online Safety: Sexting and the Dangers of Social Media

schools safeguarding

“Once on the internet, always on the internet,” is an ideal warning to keep in mind when it comes to approaching the topic of sexting and social media with children and young adults. Sexting is on the rise and so are the dangers of sexting, so how can we educate our children to protect themselves…

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E-Safety for Parents: Blocking Adult Content

safeguarding training

A social media site popular with teenagers is banning all pornographic content after the discovery of child sexual abuse material last month—but why is this content available on social media for kids, and how can e-safety for parents help us to keep our children safe from viewing explicit content?   Adult Content on Social Media …

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Are you following these 3 important online safety rules?

Over the past 10 years, the internet has developed to such an extent that some parents and carers feel their knowledge of how to make laptops, smartphones, tablets and even games consoles safe for their children is just not good enough anymore. If you feel this way, we don’t blame you. Apps get updated on…

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Does your child have a social media addiction?

online safety training

Does your child really have a social media addiction? The internet – and more specifically, social media platforms in the form of websites, apps, and gaming forums – dominate the lives of young people. While there’s still a large portion of the population who are entirely disconnected from the internet, the vast majority of young…

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Facebook launches ‘Youth Portal’ promoting e-safety for young users

facebook youth portal

Facebook released a ‘Youth Portal’ on 14th May 2018, to provide a “central place for teens” to advise younger users how to stay safe on Facebook, how to control their user experience, and what to do if they need a break from social media. As well as this, the Portal includes quotes from teenaged Facebook…

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NEW Safeguarding Course: Child Protection for Nannies

nannies safeguarding course

If you offer home-based child care in the United Kingdom, you have a legal requirement to undertake regular verifiable safeguarding training, and you must be able to evidence your current safeguarding certificate upon request.     Who is a Home-Based Childcarer? Home-based child care is a term that extends to cover Childminders, Nannies, Au Pairs,…

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4 Simple Online Safety Tips for Children

online safety for children

  The internet can be a wonderful place for children to learn and socialise, but it’s important to keep in mind that the internet is a place made by adults for adults and it has the ability to pose great risk to children who have not been educated on how to navigate it safely. These…

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Protecting Under 5’s from Online Harm

keeping under 5s safe online

We all want to encourage our children to keep safe on the internet, but it’s much more difficult to communicate the dangers of the online world to toddlers and young children who are not old enough to fully understand. At this age, many of the strategies for keeping children safe online that are discussed in…

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Sarahah and Cyberbulling: A real issue?

sarahah cyberbulling esafety training

Being a provider of online safeguarding training, one of the areas we focus on is ensuring that we stay up-to-date with current developments. Staying ahead of the curve is important with our deliverance of Prevent training and our wide selection of safeguarding courses, because professionals rely on us to be a source of current advice,…

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