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Why do I need to read Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018?

online safeguarding course

All staff who work directly with children in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom have a responsibility to read Part 1 in addition to Annex A of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018. But do you understand exactly why you need to read this piece of statutory government guidance?   What is Keeping Children…

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What equestrian safeguarding training do I need?

equestrian safeguarding training

We offer a range of online equestrian safeguarding training courses suitable for individuals who work or volunteer in an equestrian setting. Find out which equestrian safeguarding course is most suitable for you in this handy blog post.   What is equestrian safeguarding training?  Safeguarding training is essential for all individuals, from professional to volunteer, who…

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Working Together 2018: What’s Different?

safeguarding partners

If you work with or around children in the United Kingdom, you might already be aware of Working Together 2018 changes and how they impact your role.   What is Working Together 2018? ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children: A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children’ is the government’s statutory guidance…

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New Report: Growing Up Neglected

safeguarding for taxi drivers

The government has released a new report titled ‘Growing up neglected: a multi-agency response to older children’ this month. The report aims to highlight the issues faced by thousands of older children suffering neglect in the UK right now. Some of the major findings from the report include: “The way agencies understand and deal with…

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6 Steps to Successful Safeguarding in Schools

safeguarding schools

It goes without saying that safeguarding is an important and essential topic in any school environment, and every member of staff should be equally invested in promoting the safety and welfare of the students. Here are our 6 steps to successful safeguarding in schools: (1) Create a comprehensive safeguarding policy Every school setting should have…

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Bringing the Fake News Discussion into the Classroom

There can be no doubt that the amount of fake news, the language of propaganda, the selective use of statistics and what can only be called actual lies, are a problem for education professionals. Every part of the education chain is facing the same core issue: ensuring that learners are equipped to critically evaluate the…

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Ofsted and Safeguarding 2015 – Part Two

safeguarding blog part two

In the second part of our short series on Ofsted and safeguarding, we look at what the adults working in schools need to know.  Don’t worry if your missed Part 1, as you can access it here. What do adults working in a school or education setting need to know about safeguarding? Safeguarding policies should…

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Five reasons to switch to online training

five reasons to switch to online training

We’re often asked about the benefits of doing online training, so here’s 5 of our top reasons:   Doing online courses means your whole staff group don’t have to train at the same time.  It can be tricky to find a time when everyone is free, so online fits around you and your busy schedule, not…

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Choose the online option for child protection training

If you are already pressed for time, arranging and fitting in safeguarding training can be difficult. At the, we can offer an easy solution to this problem. All our online courses can be stopped and restarted and only require access to a screen and the internet! No need to get a trainer in, no…

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