Why do teachers need a Prevent course in 2019?

safeguarding training

As we move into 2019, does every teacher need a Prevent course, and does the Prevent Duty still have relevance in the classroom? Just how much focus should teachers in the UK place on this statutory government guidance?   What is the Prevent Duty? Every member of staff who works in a school or education…

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Prevent Duty: Some Useful Resources and Links

prevent duty useful links and resources

Having worked with Prevent Coordinators and anti-radicalisation groups for some years, we launched our online Prevent course 3 years ago. Coupled with our comprehensive learning management system, our Awareness of Prevent Duty course remains a popular choice, particularly for schools. However, we do get asked about other online Prevent Duty resources, so here’s the pick…

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The Prevent Duty in 2018

The Prevent Duty in 2018 If you have previously undertaken Prevent training you will understand the importance of the topic. Protecting children from radicalisation and extremism is the responsibility of every person who comes into contact with children, but the Prevent Duty is also a legal requirement of staff in schools and registered Early Years…

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