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What do I need to know about e-safety for parents?

e-safety for parents

At school and at home, and for kids of all ages, it’s really important to revisit the basics of online safety often. But aside from enabling parental controls on our home internet, what other e-safety for parents advice should we be aware of to keep our children safe online?   Do I need to enable…

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Why do I need to read Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018?

keeping children safe in education

All staff who work directly with children in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom have a responsibility to read Part 1 in addition to Annex A of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018. But do you understand exactly why you need to read this piece of statutory government guidance?   What is Keeping Children…

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How can Prevent Duty training help me in the classroom?

prevent duty training

The chances are, you’ve already heard of the Prevent Duty if you work in education in the United Kingdom, but have you ever taken a Prevent Duty training course? Here are 6 different ways that a Prevent course can help you in the classroom.   1. You will learn the reason why we have the…

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How can an online safeguarding course help me at work?

online safeguarding course

Are you thinking of taking an online safeguarding course but you’re not sure how it will benefit you in the workplace? You’re not alone. Here’s some useful information about online safeguarding training to help you make your decision.   What is safeguarding training? Safeguarding training (also sometimes referred to as child protection training) has been…

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Early Years Safeguarding Levels

We’re debunking the myths surrounding Early Years safeguarding training. Can you take an online course? Which level of training do you need? And why exactly do Early Years Practitioners need safeguarding training, anyway?   What level of safeguarding training do I need to work in the Early Years? Safeguarding levels are no longer referred to…

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Online Prevent Course – 2018/19 Academic Year

e-safety for parents

 In the 2018/19 academic year, the Prevent Duty is just as important as ever, so you need to be vigilant in ensuring your online prevent course is up to date with current information.   Preventing Radicalisation Radicalisation is a vital safeguarding topic that you need to know about, especially if you work in close contact…

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Riding Instructors Equestrian Safeguarding Training

equestrian safeguarding training

We offer a suite of dedicated online safeguarding training for equestrians, all of which have been developed in association with the British Equestrian Federation.   What is equestrian safeguarding training? Safeguarding training is a must for all individuals, from professional to volunteer, who work with children and/or adults at risk. Every member of staff in…

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Safeguarding Training for Nannies: What do I need?

safeguarding training for nannies

Our online safeguarding training for Nannies is written by child protection experts specifically to meet the safeguarding training needs of a Nanny.   What is safeguarding training for Nannies? Safeguarding training is essential for all individuals, from professional to volunteer, who work with or have a need to come into contact with children under the…

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Where can I find online music safeguarding training?

online music safeguarding training

We have developed two online music safeguarding training courses specifically for individuals who work or volunteer in music education, or who participate in an amateur or leisure-time music group and require a knowledge of vulnerable adult and/or child protection.   What is music safeguarding training? Safeguarding training is essential for all individuals, from professional to…

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