Why do I need to read Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018?

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All staff who work directly with children in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom have a responsibility to read Part 1 in addition to Annex A of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018. But do you understand exactly why you need to read this piece of statutory government guidance?   What is Keeping Children…

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The ‘Soft Signs’ of Child Abuse

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No one wants to think about the possibility that a child they know might be a victim of abuse, but it is a sad truth that child abuse and neglect is a very real concern in the United Kingdom. In order to support children who are being neglected or abused, you need to have a…

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Online Child Protection Courses

If you’re short on time, choosing online child protection courses could be the solution.  We often get people asking how quickly our online courses can be rolled out to staff. Our system is specifically set up for organisations to use, so uploading staff details, setting up course credits and issuing log in details can be…

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Choose the online option for child protection training

If you are already pressed for time, arranging and fitting in safeguarding training can be difficult. At the ChildProtectionCompany.com, we can offer an easy solution to this problem. All our online courses can be stopped and restarted and only require access to a screen and the internet! No need to get a trainer in, no…

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It’s nearly midday – Ofsted are calling!

If Ofsted were to call your school right now, could you honestly say that all staff have received up to date safeguarding training? Most schools provide a rigorous child protection training sessions or sessions in September, but what about staff that start later in the year? Ofsted expect to see that all staff have received…

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