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New Year, New Safeguarding Course?

keeping children safe in education

Can you recall the last time you took a safeguarding course? If it’s been longer than 2 years, there’s a chance you might be at risk of failing your upcoming inspection…   Do safeguarding certificates have expiry dates? All verifiable safeguarding courses will give you a safeguarding certificate upon successful completion, so that you can…

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Online training course – Leading on Child Protection

Below is the course outline for our online Level Two Leading on Child Protection training course. The course comprises of eight modules and should take between 1-2 hours to complete. The modules are: Overview Familiarisation: building on existing knowledge Defining law and the safeguarding activities Key components of the Senior Designated Person role Communication: recording…

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Prof Nutbrown report considered by Government

Prof Cathy Nutbrown was asked by the Government to look at ways of strengthening the current childcare workforce. Her report concludes that the current system of qualifications for early years teaching is “not equipping practitioners with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need” to be able to give their charges a good start and goes…

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