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Safer Internet Day 2020

online safety training

Over the next couple of weeks, people in over 150 countries worldwide will be raising awareness of Safer Internet Day, an annual event focused on online safety. Safer Internet Day 2020 falls on Tuesday 11 February, so there’s still plenty of time for you to arrange an event of your own. If you work with…

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What to Do If You Find Out Your Child Is a Cyberbully

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It’s never easy to deal with the knowledge that your child has been bullying others online. You might be feeling upset or angry with your child at first, and this is a normal response, but you should try to remain calm when confronting them about the issue.   The Difference Between Bullying in Real Life…

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Tired teens regularly wake up during night to check social media

Research has found that one in five secondary students regularly wake up in the middle of the night to check their social media, leaving them constantly tired at school. Over 900 students between the ages of 12 and 15 were surveyed by Welsh academics to determine how often they woke during the night to access…

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Preventing pupils misusing computers during school time

According to an article in The Herald Scotland, nearly a third of pupils aged between 11 and 16 have accessed unsuitable material on the internet whilst using computers in their schools. The poll measured the internet usage of 1000 school students and found that 29% had viewed sites with abusive or violent sites and even…

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It’s never too late to get computer literate

With growing emphasis placed upon the use of digital technology, there are many in society who are finding their lack of skills a barrier. The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has called for the government to use schools as a means by which children and parents can engage with digital technology. Many parents…

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Increase in online bullying

Recent research has found that more UK children are now bullied more online than face-to-face. The London School of Economics study Net Children Go Mobile compared data from 2010 with 2013 and reported an increase in cyberbullying, from eight to 12 percent, and a decrease in face-to-face bullying, from 16 to 9 percent. The study…

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Cyberbullying guidance

The Anti-bullying alliance has released guidance for teachers and other professionals on Cyberbullying and children and young people with SEN and disabilities. The guidance has been developed following qualitative research with children and young people with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues, emotional and /or behavioural difficulties. The research findings included:  young people reported that they had been…

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Customer Feedback on our Safeguarding courses

At the, we pride ourselves in the quality of our online child protection training courses.  We take the feedback from our users very seriously and are constantly making course improvements where we can.  We very pleased to be able say that over 99.3% of people who have provided feedback on our courses would recommend them…

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e-Safety – teenagers own six digital devices

With recent reports that many teenagers in the UK own six digital devices the importance of e-safety education cannot be underestimated. A poll for IT firm Logicalis found that 84% of the teenagers they asked own a smartphone, 78% a laptop and 51% a tablet device. (Source: BBC) Online e-Safety training for both professionals and parents is…

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e-Safety training for parents

Keeping ahead of our children in the realm of the internet and e-Safety can be quite a challenge. Our e-safety training course for parents aims to assist in this, giving  knowledge to parents so that they can feel more able to understand the risks and safeguard their children. An article in the Telegraph, by Richard Follett…

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