Facebook launches ‘Youth Portal’ promoting e-safety for young users

facebook youth portal

Facebook released a ‘Youth Portal’ on 14th May 2018, to provide a “central place for teens” to advise younger users how to stay safe on Facebook, how to control their user experience, and what to do if they need a break from social media. As well as this, the Portal includes quotes from teenaged Facebook…

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Safeguarding Children from Fake News

fake news in schools

There can be no doubt that the amount of fake news, the language of propaganda, the selective use of statistics and what can only be called actual lies, are a problem for education professionals. Every part of the education chain is facing the same core issue: ensuring that learners are equipped to critically evaluate the…

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The Importance of Your Online Reputation

keeping children safe online

Before you click to post on social media, do you really think about exactly what your posts and updates could be saying about you? Have you thought about the fact that today’s ‘funny’ tweet or the photos of tonight’s party on Facebook could actually prove to be tomorrow’s nightmare? Maybe it’s time to really think…

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NEW Safeguarding Course: Child Protection for Nannies

nannies safeguarding course

If you offer home-based child care in the United Kingdom, you have a legal requirement to undertake regular verifiable safeguarding training, and you must be able to evidence your current safeguarding certificate upon request.     Who is a Home-Based Childcarer? Home-based child care is a term that extends to cover Childminders, Nannies, Au Pairs,…

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4 Simple Online Safety Tips for Children

online safety for children

  The internet can be a wonderful place for children to learn and socialise, but it’s important to keep in mind that the internet is a place made by adults for adults and it has the ability to pose great risk to children who have not been educated on how to navigate it safely. These…

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Protecting Under 5’s from Online Harm

keeping under 5s safe online

We all want to encourage our children to keep safe on the internet, but it’s much more difficult to communicate the dangers of the online world to toddlers and young children who are not old enough to fully understand. At this age, many of the strategies for keeping children safe online that are discussed in…

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Do I need safeguarding training as a Childminder?

If you work as a Childminder or a Childminder’s Assistant in the United Kingdom, it is likely that you will have already taken a safeguarding training course. Maybe you completed it online, or attended a face-to-face training session led by your local council. Perhaps you even took our dedicated Child Protection for Childminders online training…

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Spotting Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour Between Adolescents

safeguarding teenagers sexual behaviour

We can probably all remember the anticipation we felt at school in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day as we wondered whether or not we’d receive a card from a secret admirer, and planned the cards we’d send to the apple of our eye. Maybe we can also remember the disappointment we felt when…

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Safer Internet Day 2018

safer internet day 2018

You’ve probably already seen the news on social media…today is Safer Internet Day 2018! You can spread the word by using the hashtag #SID2018 on all your social media posts today, and join in the global conversation to help inspire a safer internet. Safer Internet Day is a global celebration coordinated by the UK Safer…

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Sarahah and Cyberbulling: A real issue?

sarahah cyberbulling esafety training

Being a provider of online safeguarding training, one of the areas we focus on is ensuring that we stay up-to-date with current developments. Staying ahead of the curve is important with our deliverance of Prevent training and our wide selection of safeguarding courses, because professionals rely on us to be a source of current advice,…

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