What do I need to know about e-safety for parents?

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At school and at home, and for kids of all ages, it’s really important to revisit the basics of online safety often. But aside from enabling parental controls on our home internet, what other e-safety for parents advice should we be aware of to keep our children safe online? Do I need to enable parental…

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E-Safety for Parents: Blocking Adult Content

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A social media site popular with teenagers is banning all pornographic content after the discovery of child sexual abuse material last month—but why is this content available on social media for kids, and how can e-safety for parents help us to keep our children safe from viewing explicit content?   Adult Content on Social Media …

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Protecting Under 5’s from Online Harm

keeping under 5s safe online

We all want to encourage our children to keep safe on the internet, but it’s much more difficult to communicate the dangers of the online world to toddlers and young children who are not old enough to fully understand. At this age, many of the strategies for keeping children safe online that are discussed in…

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Safer Internet Day 2018

safer internet day 2018

You’ve probably already seen the news on social media…today is Safer Internet Day 2018! You can spread the word by using the hashtag #SID2018 on all your social media posts today, and join in the global conversation to help inspire a safer internet. Safer Internet Day is a global celebration coordinated by the UK Safer…

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Update to our e-Safety Training course!

You might have noticed that in the past month we’ve had a bit of a makeover here at the Child Protection Company! Our website redesign isn’t the only update we’ve made, however – last month, we updated our e-Safety Training course to include lots of new information too. Online safety is an essential safeguarding topic…

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3 Important Online Safety Tips for Parents and Professionals

Over the past 10 years, the internet has developed to such an extent that some parents and carers feel their knowledge of how to make laptops, smartphones, tablets and even games consoles safe for their children is just not good enough anymore. If you feel this way, we don’t blame you. Apps get updated on…

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Schools to teach pupils about sexting and porn in new SRE curriculum

The news that sex and relationships education (SRE) will soon become a compulsory teaching requirement for all UK schools has been welcomed by the majority of teaching staff and parents. The updated sex and relationships education curriculum is set to include topics such as online safety, sexting and consent. The issues surrounding pornography will also…

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Social media companies to launch ‘police icons’ to encourage e-safety

Social media companies may soon install police icons on their websites and apps, which users will be able to click if they feel threatened. Children’s e-safety is becoming a fast-growing problem, with the number of young people experiencing cyberbullying increasing by 88 per cent in the past five years. This new feature will take a…

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Tired teens regularly wake up during night to check social media

Research has found that one in five secondary students regularly wake up in the middle of the night to check their social media, leaving them constantly tired at school. Over 900 students between the ages of 12 and 15 were surveyed by Welsh academics to determine how often they woke during the night to access…

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