Online Safety Training: Tips for Teachers

online safety training

When it comes to online safety training, if you’re feeling frustrated with how quickly online trends appear and pose new risks to your students, we’ve got some handy tips for teachers to set you on the right track. With the release of every new app, trend, or game, online safety training becomes even more important……

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Online Safety Training: What do I need to know?

schools safeguarding training

Ofsted have been inspecting online safety in their review of schools’ safeguarding arrangements since 2012, so it’s absolutely necessary for you to have an online safety training certificate if you work in education, no matter what your role is. What is online safety training? An online safety training course like our verifiable e-Safety Training or…

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Are you running a summer school or club?

If you’re planning to run a summer school or club, have you thought about your child protection training? If not, don’t forget we offer online safeguarding courses, meaning you can have access to training TODAY!  If you’re on a limited time frame and budget, online training is the perfect option: no travelling to face to…

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Social Media: friend or foe?

Social media is a great way to connect and communicate with people.  However, to many it can pose a veritable minefield of security settings, fears about privacy and online etiquette. Some schools confidently embrace the use of social media, with many setting up their own Twitter accounts or Facebook pages in order to keep parents up to…

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Ofsted: schools should enable young people to manage social media risks

According to the latest Ofsted guidance, schools should be educating students about how to recognise and manage any potential online risks. This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds, especially when many staff feel they know less about social media than the students they teach. With Ofsted’s expectation that schools place e-safety firmly within…

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How long do our courses take?

One of the questions we get asked quite regularly is: how long does it take to complete the online training courses? Although this does depend upon the individual learner (their prior knowledge of the subject and how quickly they read and process information), we recommend the following: allow 1-2 hours for: the Introduction to Child Protection course the…

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e-Safety and Ofsted: how NOT to get caught out!

All schools are aware of the need for robust safeguarding procedures however, some are still not fully aware of the role e-safety plays within this. Ofsted inspect e-safety practice within schools as part of their safeguarding provision. As a result, thousands of school staff have taken the online e-Safety Awareness Course with the This…

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e-Safety and Schools

e-safety for schools

What’s your school’s commitment to e-safety like?  Do you regularly speak to students about staying safe online?  Can staff and students identify and manage e-safety risks? If your staff haven’t received specific e-safety training, now may well be the time to address this.  We offer an online e-safety awareness course which has been designed to enable…

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