What to Do If You Find Out Your Child Is a Cyberbully

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It’s never easy to deal with the knowledge that your child has been bullying others online. You might be feeling upset or angry with your child at first, and this is a normal response, but you should try to remain calm when confronting them about the issue.   The Difference Between Bullying in Real Life…

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Sarahah and Cyberbulling: A real issue?

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Being a provider of online safeguarding training, one of the areas we focus on is ensuring that we stay up-to-date with current developments. Staying ahead of the curve is important with our deliverance of Prevent training and our wide selection of safeguarding courses, because professionals rely on us to be a source of current advice,…

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Social media companies to launch ‘police icons’ to encourage e-safety

Social media companies may soon install police icons on their websites and apps, which users will be able to click if they feel threatened. Children’s e-safety is becoming a fast-growing problem, with the number of young people experiencing cyberbullying increasing by 88 per cent in the past five years. This new feature will take a…

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Steps to take if you discover your child is bullying others online

Research by not-for-profit organisation Internet Matters shows that 62 per cent of parents are concerned about cyberbullying, and with one in five 13 to 18-year-olds claiming to have experienced cyberbullying this figure appears justified. However, very little information exists for us to determine how many of our children are acting as the bullies. On their website,…

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Mother calls for action on cyberbullying

The mother of a  teenager who took his own life, after being bullied online, has written an open letter published in the Worcester News calling on people to do more to help anyone being bullied and prevent the further tragic loss of life. Mrs Alexander begins the letter by saying “I write this letter not for…

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What is griefing

What is ‘griefing’? Whilst researching Anti Bullying Week, I came across the word ‘griefing’. Not being a term I was at all familiar with, I decided to dig a little deeper… It turns out that ‘griefing’ is a type of bullying that can occur in multiplayer games of Minecraft. Basically, it is where someone destroys…

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what is cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying? Also known as ‘online bullying’, cyberbullying is the use of online or digital technology to bully, harass or intimidate others. Cyberbullying isn’t just about sending nasty messages. It can also include the setting up of groups on social media to intimidate or isolate individuals, trolling, posting photographs or personal information about people…

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e-Safety and Parents

Are you aware of the potential risks your children could encounter online?  If not, you may find our online e-Safety for Parents course useful… The course gives an introduction to e-safety and raises awareness of: The risks to children The Internet predator Inappropriate and illegal images/content Cyberbullying Sexting Identity theft Steps parents can take to protect their…

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