Understanding Self-Harm in Young People

self harm children young people

Self-harm is becoming increasingly common amongst young people in the United Kingdom, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding the issue that show we still have a long way to go towards understanding self-harm, the causes and indicators, and how we can help young people who are self-harming.   What is self-harm? Many people think…

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2018

childrens safeguarding mental health week

An estimated 10 per cent of children aged 5 to 16 years suffer from ill mental health in the United Kingdom. Like adults, children can display a range of mental health issues, from depression and conduct disorders, to hyperactivity and post-traumatic stress disorder. Managing these problems can often be just as difficult for children as…

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Childhood bullying may have long-term effect

Physical bullying can take place in school, at home and even in leisure activity situations and we are all aware of how unpleasant it can be. Cyberbullying, where a victim is harassed through social media for example, is an area of increasing concern. In a ‘switched on’ world the behaviour can be extended beyond the…

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