How often should you refresh Childminders safeguarding training?

chilminders safeguarding training

Childminders safeguarding training is an essential part of professional development, and it’s a legal duty that Ofsted will want evidence of during inspection. So, exactly how often should Childminders update their safeguarding training? Childminders safeguarding training We all know there’s no feeling worse than realizing you’re behind on paperwork, but when it comes to professional…

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Child Protection training for Childminders

Are you currently working as a childminder or thinking about becoming one? Our Child Protection for Childminders course has been specifically developed for childminders and covers: legislation and guidance, the different types of child abuse, the range of indicators of abuse and neglect, child protection policies and procedures, identifying concerns, handling allegations and complaints, the roles of…

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Child Protection for Childminders – Course Content

This online course comprises of 11 separate modules, which should take around 2-3 hours to complete. The modules are: Module One – Overview – Provides an overview of the issues surrounding child protection and safeguarding and the childminders role in keeping children and young people safe. Module Two – Familiarisation – Looks at some of…

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