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National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

Did you know, today is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day? The event aims to highlight the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and encourage everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse. A zero tolerance attitude towards adults developing inappropriate relationships with children, or children developing inappropriate relationships with other children, should be…

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Schools to teach pupils about sexting and porn in new SRE curriculum

The news that sex and relationships education (SRE) will soon become a compulsory teaching requirement for all UK schools has been welcomed by the majority of teaching staff and parents. The updated sex and relationships education curriculum is set to include topics such as online safety, sexting and consent. The issues surrounding pornography will also…

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Government issues standard definition of Child Sexual Exploitation

This week, the government has issued a standard definition of Child Sexual Exploitation in their CSE Guidance document. While there have been several definitions in the past, there has never been an agreed definition, and concern was raised over previous definitions not accurately reflecting the role of the internet in CSE. The standard definition of…

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