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The 6 Principles of Safeguarding

safeguarding training

What are the 6 Principles of Safeguarding, and why do they matter in relation to safeguarding training across all age groups and in all settings?   The Care Act  In 2015, the UK government introduced a new legislation titled The Care Act 2014. The purpose of this document was to set forth the expectations and…

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Understanding Self-Harm in Young People

self harm children young people

Self-harm is becoming increasingly common amongst young people in the United Kingdom, but there are still many misconceptions surrounding the issue that show we still have a long way to go towards understanding self-harm, the causes and indicators, and how we can help young people who are self-harming.   What is self-harm? Many people think…

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Safeguarding Children from Fake News

fake news in schools

There can be no doubt that the amount of fake news, the language of propaganda, the selective use of statistics and what can only be called actual lies, are a problem for education professionals. Every part of the education chain is facing the same core issue: ensuring that learners are equipped to critically evaluate the…

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Single Central Registers: What to Include?

single central registers safeguarding training

A single central register should be used by every school to keep track of recruitment. The single central register should hold record of DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks, as well as qualification checks, safeguarding training checks, eligibility to work in the UK, and identity checks. To ensure that your organisation’s single central register is…

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The Importance of Your Online Reputation

keeping children safe online

Before you click to post on social media, do you really think about exactly what your posts and updates could be saying about you? Have you thought about the fact that today’s ‘funny’ tweet or the photos of tonight’s party on Facebook could actually prove to be tomorrow’s nightmare? Maybe it’s time to really think…

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British Dental Association Recommended Safeguarding Courses

dental safeguarding online training

Today is World Oral Health Day, so it’s the perfect time for us to shine the pearly-white spotlight on two of our most popular dental safeguarding courses.   British Dental Association Recommended Safeguarding Courses We provide a dental-specific variant of two of our most popular online safeguarding courses, which are recommended by the British Dental…

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Our CEO in the Snow!

child protection training, safeguarding training

While many of the Child Protection Company’s employees worked from home during ‘The Beast from The East’ last week, our CEO Mark Foster made the snowy walk in to the office to respond to customer calls and enquiries. Here’s his roundup of last week’s events!   These boots are made for walking…. Well, it’s been…

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The Importance of Safeguarding Training in Music Education

safeguarding training music education

  If you work in Music Education in the United Kingdom, you will likely already be aware of your duty to undertake an appropriate level of safeguarding training. If you are based in a school environment, then you may have taken a safeguarding or child protection training course already. If you haven’t, pay close attention…

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Spotting the Signs of a Child Who Self-Harms

If you suspect that a child has been self-harming, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to approach the topic with them, no matter their age or relationship to you. However, it is always important to deal with your concerns as soon as they arise. Self-harm can become a compulsive behaviour if the correct…

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