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Netflix series sparks concerns over teen mental health

A growing number of sources are placing the spotlight on a controversial new Netflix series that could be a potential ‘trigger’ for teens with poor mental health. Thirteen Reasons Why is an adaptation of Jay Asher’s 2007 teen fiction novel, focusing on a high school-aged girl who commits suicide and leaves behind a number of…

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The Selfie Generation and the importance of body image

In recent research by the YMCA it was revealed that body image is now the third highest concern amongst young people in the UK. This news is not surprising, given the pressure our young people – dubbed ‘The Selfie Generation’ – face to look picture-perfect at any cost, at all times. Body image is the…

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National Safeguarding Month 2017

This month is National Safeguarding month! National Safeguarding Month is organised by UK Youth and the event calls upon all organisations that work with children and young people to Stop what they are doing, Look at their safeguarding practices, Listen to young people and then take action before the end of the month. You can…

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