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Is your safeguarding training up to date for the new academic year?

safeguarding training

We assume that the start of the 2018 intake year was the same as every year. You had everything perfectly planned and ready to go, then the gates opened on the first morning back and there was suddenly absolute chaos. Everything from staff illness through to a leaky roof in the annex probably happened, and…

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School nurses’ workloads could cause them to miss signs of abuse

The Children’s Commissioner for England has stated that school nurses are spending so much time on paperwork that they could potentially be missing children who are being abused or subject to neglect. In a recent report based on the responses from 775 school nurses, it was found that nurses were not getting enough time to spend on…

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Protecting children from abuse in institutions

The Foundations of Abuse: A thematic assessment of the risk of CSE by adults in institutions In the first thematic assessment published by the National Crime Agency child protection experts, at the agency’s CEOP Command, have warned that institutions such as schools, churches and care homes are still not safe despite high profile media coverage of historical…

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Keeping Children Safe in Education

The Department of Education have launched a consultation called Keeping Children Safe in Education.  The government is seeking views on its proposals to reform safeguarding requirements and guidance in schools and further education colleges . The new proposals are stated as: issuing new safeguarding guidance to schools and further education colleges to replace the current Safeguarding Children and Safer…

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Child Protection Training for Teachers

As part of a schools child protection responsibilities all teachers and school staff are required to have child protection training.  The training should as a minimum ensure that teachers have: An understanding of safeguarding issues including the causes of abuse and neglect Are able to identify the signs and indicators of abuse Know how to respond effectively when…

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Safeguarding – Practical tips for schools

“You have someone to trust” – Practical tips for schools A new report released yesterday ‘You Have Someone to Trust’ (Sept 2012) has been written by the NSPCC for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner examining outstanding safeguarding practice in primary schools. The report describes and shares the good practice of schools which were found, by…

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