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Are you a dentist needing CPD hours?

If so, you might be very interested to know that our online combined adult and child safeguarding courses each equate to three hours of verifiable CPD.  That’s not all…keep reading for more reasons why online training could be the perfect fit for your practice…  

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New variants for Wales and Scotland

We are pleased to announce that our Introduction to Child Protection and Further Child Protection online courses now have variants suitable for Wales and Scotland.   Wondering why our online courses make such a good alternative to face to face training? Online training is far less time consuming than attending face to face sessions.  You…

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Online safeguarding training for dentists

As a busy dentist, finding the time and money to ensure all your staff attend regular safeguarding training can be tricky. A cost effective solution is to switch to online training.   We often get asked about the benefits of taking online courses as opposed to face to face training. Here’s a few of the…

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Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection for Dentists

Unlike some other online safeguarding providers, we offer a combined child and vulnerable adult protection course written specifically for dentists. Both the Introduction to Child/Vulnerable Adult course and the Further Child/Vulnerable Adult course are worth 3 hours of verifiable CPD. As our courses can be stopped and restarted to fit in round your busy dental…

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Dentists – child protection training designed for you!

We offer two online child protection training courses written specifically for dentists and dental staff – an Introductory course and a Further course. Both courses have dental specific references, questions and scenarios to make the learning relevant to the dental practice environment. If you also work with adults at risk then our combined Introduction to Adult/Child protection and Further Adult/Child protection are for you.  Again both…

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Top 10 safeguarding questions for GP’s, Dentists and Health Providers

If you work in a health setting how can you be sure that all the necessary safeguarding requirements are being fulfilled? Assured Safeguarding GP & Health Leader Edition – 2012, a booklet produced in the East Midlands, by safeguarding leads group and the Strategic Health Authority, poses questions to help leaders to reflect on how…

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