Top 10 Exam Stress-Busting Tips

exam stress tips

Exam season is just around the corner if mock exams haven’t already begun in your school, and during this busy period it can be all too easy to get stressed out by the pressure to perform. If you’re pulling your hair out searching for tips to relieve your students of exam stress, take a load…

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Sign Up to Receive our Ofsted Safeguarding Briefings!

ofsted safeguarding briefing

As part of our ongoing cause to support teachers and school staff in delivering effective safeguarding inside and out of the classroom, our team at the Child Protection Company have been working hard to deliver a host of resources that will empower teachers to extend a strong safeguarding message to their students. We believe that…

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Child Protection Company partners with Lowland Rescue

safeguarding courses online child protection training

Lowland Rescue has chosen the Child Protection Company to meet all its safeguarding training needs. Lowland Rescue and the Child Protection Company are very pleased to announce their partnership, which will see all 35 Lowland Rescue Teams across the country provided with online safeguarding training. The courses the teams will take include online child protection…

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How safe are our children? NSPCC releases annual child protection overview report

The NSPCC has released its latest annual report today giving an overview of child protection in the United Kingdom. The 84-page report contains statistics and information on the rise and fall of child protection incidences such as child sexual exploitation, neglect and emotional abuse, using data from a variety of sources including police records. The…

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Get Organised!

Just in case you forgot to put it on the calendar, we thought we’d remind you that today is Get Organised Day, an international celebration of—you guessed it—getting organised! Get Organised Day is a great opportunity to focus on the important tasks that can get so easily forgotten every other day of the year. When…

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Five reasons to switch to online training

five reasons to switch to online training

We’re often asked about the benefits of doing online training, so here’s 5 of our top reasons:   Doing online courses means your whole staff group don’t have to train at the same time.  It can be tricky to find a time when everyone is free, so online fits around you and your busy schedule, not…

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Online Safeguarding Courses

Our online safeguarding courses: Introduction to Child Protection Introduction To Child Protection for Equestrian Volunteers Child Protection for Equestrian Professionals Child Protection For Childminders Further Child Protection Introduction To Adult/Child Protection Further Adult/Child Protection Click on each course to see course details and breakdown.

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Take your child protection course whenever!

Time at a premium? One of the great things about our online child protection training is that it can be taken at anytime of the day or night.  We have many  customers who take our training courses in the early hours of the morning. Our courses are flexible; you can do the training anywhere, with internet access, and…

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Need child protection courses?

Do all your staff have up to date child protection training? Ensuring that all your staff have up to date child protection training can sometimes be tricky.  Even if you’ve delivered safeguarding training at the start of the academic year, it’s still quite possible that members of staff – particularly  new starters – will have missed…

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Child Abuse Myth or Fact ?

Can you tell the difference between a child protection myth or fact?  On occasion, personal prejudices and assumptions may cloud our judgements and we may not always see and hear things in a child-centred manner. Thinking about your own attitudes to child abuse, consider whether the following statements are always true.  Homosexual men are more likely…

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