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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

An estimated 10 per cent of children aged 5 to 16 years suffer from ill mental health in the United Kingdom. Like adults, children can display a range of mental health issues, from depression and conduct disorders, to hyperactivity and post-traumatic stress disorder. Managing these problems can often be just as difficult for children as…

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New Report: Growing Up Neglected

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The government has released a new report titled ‘Growing up neglected: a multi-agency response to older children’ this month. The report aims to highlight the issues faced by thousands of older children suffering neglect in the UK right now. Some of the major findings from the report include: “The way agencies understand and deal with…

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Support for vulnerable children

Children in primary schools across Glasgow are to benefit from support given by a children’s charity, Place2Be.  The charity provides counselling to support vulnerable children with emotional and mental health issues. Benita Refson, Place2Be chief executive, said “Place2Be helps 5000 [Scottish] children to cope with issues that range from bullying to domestic violence, to family breakdown, neglect and…

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Child Neglect – the dangers.

A new study by The University of East Anglia has analysed serious case reviews carried out in England to look for underlying factors.  The study found that, where the child had been known to be at risk,  neglect was a factor in 58% of cases.  This study shows, that in England, where a child died or was seriously injured a previous history of neglect was…

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Child Protection Training – what is neglect?

A resent study, reported by Children & Young People Now , and conducted by Stirling University found that as many as 9 out of ten professionals regularly see signs of neglect in the children they work with but 40% of these professionals said they felt powerless to take action. So what is neglect? Neglect is the persistent failure to meet a child’s…

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Child Neglect in the UK

A report, The State of Child Neglect in the UK, recently published by Action for Children claims that 9 out of 10 teachers, police officers and social workers are regularly coming into contact with children they suspect are suffering from neglect yet as many as 40% feel powerless to intervene. The report reveals that members of the…

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What is child neglect?

Neglect refers to a combination of factors which may develop quickly or over a period of time. It may not always be immediately obvious as everyone has different standards of living. A child may experience neglect due to the family being in poverty and the carer being unable to provide adequate care for the child.…

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NSPCC release neglect statistics

The National Society for the Preventation of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has released new figures showing that reports to its helpline of child neglect have doubled over the last two years, taking them to record levels. From April 2011 to March 2012, the charity’s 24-hour freephone service dealt with more than 12,000 calls on the…

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