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Child-on-child sexual abuse: The UK’s next major child protection issue?

Barnardo’s have released deeply concerning figures showing child-on-child abuse as having the potential to become the next major child protection issue in the UK. The evidence was revealed through Freedom of Information Act requests, and findings show that allegations of children committing sexual offences against other children have risen by 78 per cent in England and…

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Barnardo’s report on children’s care homes

According to a study carried out by Barnardo’s, the children’s charity, the most vulnerable of children are left in residential care or secure units because of a lack of foster carers who are suitably trained to deal with the issues facing their charges. The knock-on effect of this is that those who are left in…

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Barnardo’s child protection report published

Barnardo’s, together with the Local Government Association (LGA) has published a report advising parents and professionals spot the warnings of child abuse.  The report highlights: (a) raising awareness; (b) increasing understanding of what is happening; (c) developing strategic responses; (d) supporting victims of exploitation; and (e) improving policing and prosecution.  Children have to be made…

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