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Babysitting – Qualifications?

There is no formal qualification or certificate required by a person in order to be a babysitter, although studies can now be undertaken at many colleges leading to qualifications in Child Care.  This, effectively, means that anyone can be a babysitter. The NSPCC has drawn up guidelines recommending that the minimum age of a babysitter should…

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Babysitting – Age limits?

The NSPCC has laid down guidelines which recommend that the minimum age of being a babysitter should be 16 years.  They have based this on the idea that someone over the age of 16 is more likely to be aware of potential dangers and risks and, if necessary, would have the where-withall to deal with…

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Babysitting – Who?

As parents, we all need a break and finding the right person to care for your child can sometimes be daunting.  Leaving your child in the care of someone means taking a risk with the child’s safety and welfare.  Therefore, it’s important to be sure that the person you choose to be the temporary carer…

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