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Is Prevent training still relevant in 2019?

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If you work in an education setting, you have a duty to complete regular Prevent training to ensure your knowledge of the Prevent Duty and the steps you can take to prevent radicalisation and extremism is current and in line with the latest government guidance. But just how relevant is the Prevent Duty in 2019?…

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How can Prevent Duty training help me in the classroom?

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The chances are, you’ve already heard of the Prevent Duty if you work in education in the United Kingdom, but have you ever taken a Prevent Duty training course? Here are 6 different ways that a Prevent course can help you in the classroom.   1. You will learn the reason why we have the…

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Prevent Duty: Some Useful Resources and Links

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Having worked with Prevent Coordinators and anti-radicalisation groups for some years, we launched our online Prevent course 3 years ago. Coupled with our comprehensive learning management system, our Awareness of Prevent Duty course remains a popular choice, particularly for schools. However, we do get asked about other online Prevent Duty resources, so here’s the pick…

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The Prevent Duty in 2018

The Prevent Duty in 2018 If you have previously undertaken Prevent training you will understand the importance of the topic. Protecting children from radicalisation and extremism is the responsibility of every person who comes into contact with children, but the Prevent Duty is also a legal requirement of staff in schools and registered Early Years…

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First ever counter-terror lesson plans introduced for Key Stage 3 and 4

The Department for Education is backing the ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ campaign commissioned by Counter Terrorism Policing, which includes a number of age-appropriate lesson plans based around a short video on how to survive terrorist gun and knife attacks. The resources, which have been developed in association with the PHSE Association and Girlguiding, aim to bring…

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Keeping Perspective on Prevent

It would seem that the Prevent strategy is a little bit of a political football at the moment. However, while the high-level discussions about whether it unintentionally marginalises groups or if it is even having the desired effect continue, it is still a part of the safeguarding strategy for all schools and colleges. One of…

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Bringing the Fake News Discussion into the Classroom

There can be no doubt that the amount of fake news, the language of propaganda, the selective use of statistics and what can only be called actual lies, are a problem for education professionals. Every part of the education chain is facing the same core issue: ensuring that learners are equipped to critically evaluate the…

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Supporting children at home and school after a terrorist event

In the weeks following a terrorist event, whether you work in a school, are a parent, or you come into close contact with children through any other profession or activity, it is highly likely that you will see the young people in your care displaying behaviours triggered by stress, confusion or fear. Following an event,…

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Poor Prevent training leads teachers in England to refer unnecessarily

Figures released from the National Police Chiefs’ Council reveal that a total of 3,994 people in England and Wales were referred to the de-radicalisation programme known as Channel in 2015, and that one third of these referrals were made by teachers. Meanwhile, the total number of referrals made to Prevent in Scotland during 2015 was…

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