Safeguarding vulnerable children

A report by Railway Children, a national charity, has found that  too many young runaways are being “trapped” in harmful situations involving drug abuse and sexual exploitation.  The charity has called for more one-to-one support for these vulnerable children and says local authorities must recognise running away as a key safeguarding issue. More information on this news item can be found at

Recognising children are vulnerable to runaway from home is also a vital part of the prevention strategy.  A quote from the Railway Children website states:

“In the UK, in particular, evidence has shown children also run away from ‘normal’ family backgrounds to escape common issues such as bullying, relationship issues, loneliness and family breakdown.”

To learn more about safeguarding children and how to identify the signs of bullying, domestic, emotional and neglect issues, which may lead children to run away, see details of our child protection training courses.