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What is Level 1 Safeguarding Training?

level 1 safeguarding training

Do you know if you need Level 1 safeguarding training to work in your role?   What is safeguarding training? Safeguarding training (also sometimes referred to as child protection training) has been a legal requirement for all professions that come into close contact with children and vulnerable adults for many years. Safeguarding is the process…

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What is a Designated Safeguarding Lead?

online safety training

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to safeguarding, but what role should the designated safeguarding lead person play in protecting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in your organization?   What is a designated safeguarding lead person?  While every member of staff in a school, college or education setting should be…

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How long is safeguarding training valid?

online safeguarding training

Safeguarding training certificates all have one thing in common: an expiry date. It’s a cause of frustration for many who don’t realize their certificate needs renewing, so here’s an easy way you can keep track of safeguarding training so you’ll never be caught with an expired certificate again.   What is the lifetime of a…

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How easy is it to set up equestrian safeguarding training?

equestrian safeguarding training

The Child Protection Company is one of the leading providers of equestrian safeguarding training in the United Kingdom, and our easy to use online courses offer an excellent training solution to even the busiest of equestrians.   What is equestrian safeguarding training? If you work with or around children, vulnerable adults, and/or young people under…

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Who are the 3 Safeguarding Partners?

safeguarding partners

Later this year, Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) will be replaced by Safeguarding Partners. Find out who these 3 Safeguarding Partners are and how you can prepare for the changeover.   What is a Safeguarding Partner? The government has announced plans to replace all Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) with 3 so-called Safeguarding Partners by…

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Keeping Children Safe in Education & The Behaviour Policy

prevent training

All staff in schools must be able to evidence that they have read Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 alongside the school’s behaviour policy to fall in line with Ofsted and equivalent safeguarding expectations. School and college leaders also need to read Annex A. Here’s how your school can show evidence of…

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Safeguarding for Taxi Drivers

safeguarding for taxi drivers

The Department for Transport has issued new proposals that would mean all taxi drivers in the United Kingdom need to pass an enhanced DBS check. Here are just some of the reasons why safeguarding for taxi drivers is important.   What is an Enhanced DBS Check? You might already be familiar with DBS checks. They…

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The 6 Principles of Safeguarding

online safeguarding training

What are the 6 Principles of Safeguarding, and why do they matter in relation to safeguarding training across all age groups and in all settings?   The Care Act  In 2015, the UK government introduced a new legislation titled The Care Act 2014. The purpose of this document was to set forth the expectations and…

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Is safeguarding vulnerable adults important?

safeguard adult

Safeguarding is a term we all rightly associate with child protection, but are you aware of the need to place importance on safeguarding vulnerable adults, too? What exactly does this entail, and is it any different to safeguarding children?   What is safeguarding? Safeguarding refers to the processes and actions we take to promote the…

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Why are LSCBs changing, and what to?

safeguarding training

It’s likely that you already know Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) are set to be replaced this year, but do you know why there’s no longer a need for LSCBs, what is going to replace them, and if these changes will affect your safeguarding training?   What is a Local Safeguarding Children Board?  If you…

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