Where can I take vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

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Vulnerable adults safeguarding training is a legal requirement for many professionals across the United Kingdom, but with so many online and face-to-face training options available, how do you find a course that is suitable for your role?

What is vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

You might have heard of safeguarding training in relation to child protection (and in fact, many safeguarding courses such as our Introduction to Adult/Child Protection are named as such), but safeguarding training exists to protect everyone of all ages.

Safeguarding is a process that ensures children grow up with the best life chances and that everyone, regardless of age or social background, is given safe and effective care and is protected from the risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

It has been a legal requirement for many years that all professionals who come into close contact with children and vulnerable adults must have completed an up to date safeguarding training course. Focused training is available for individuals who work in a variety of sectors, such as the dental-specific variant of our Introduction and Further Adult/Child Protection online courses, but all of the basic awareness vulnerable adults safeguarding training courses we deliver here at the Child Protection Company give an in-depth overview of safeguarding that is suitable as an introduction for most professionals and volunteers.

vulnerable adults safeguarding training

Who needs vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

Simply put, if you work or volunteer in any role that brings you into direct contact with vulnerable adults (often considered “adults at risk”), it is very likely that you have a legal responsibility to complete vulnerable adults safeguarding training.

If you are ever in any doubt about which training you need in order to carry out your role effectively, you should contact your line manager or local authority in the first instance.

Examples of some professionals who might be legally required to have vulnerable adults safeguarding training include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Dental staff
  • Healthcare staff
  • Community support workers
  • Residential care homes staff
  • Social services staff
  • Mental health services staff/volunteers
  • Community centre staff/volunteers

This list is not exhaustive, however, so we recommend you check with your local authority to confirm whether or not you need vulnerable adults safeguarding training.

Where can I take vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

There are an increasing number of options available to anyone who needs to take vulnerable adults safeguarding training. Previously, face-to-face courses were the only option. These courses were mostly led by the local authority and as such, had long waiting lists that made it nearly impossible for new staff members to get a space on a course quickly. This caused a number of problems for frustrated staff and employers because vulnerable adults safeguarding training is essential in order to carry out a role safely and effectively in many workplaces.

Fortunately, online vulnerable adults safeguarding courses have taken the stress out of finding a training course. With immediate access and no need to travel or take time out of work to complete the course, online vulnerable adults safeguarding training is becoming the most popular option in workplaces across the United Kingdom. We should know, because here at the Child Protection Company, we are one of the leading providers of vulnerable adults safeguarding training, with well over 125,000 individuals benefiting from our excellent online courses.

For more information about our online Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course, or to start vulnerable adults safeguarding training with us immediately, please click here to view the full course description and pricing.

vulnerable adults safeguarding training

However, we understand that many teams still prefer to complete their vulnerable adults safeguarding training in a more traditional face-to-face environment but don’t want the headache of long waiting lists or taking time out of work to travel to attend courses. That’s why the Child Protection Company has a number of experienced trainers based all across the United Kingdom who can visit your premises to deliver vulnerable adults safeguarding training to teams of up to 20 individuals at a time.

For more information about our face-to-face vulnerable adults safeguarding training and our available dates, please click here now.

What are the benefits of online vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

More and more professionals are switching to online vulnerable adults safeguarding training each year, but the convenience of being able to choose both the time and place you take your safeguarding course is not the only benefit of training online.

Here at the Child Protection Company, we have a team of dedicated safeguarding experts who refresh our online courses with the most up to date information periodically throughout the year, with a host of downloadable content and relevant case studies to help you apply your training to your everyday working life.

Because we work closely with industry bodies to ensure that our courses meet the inspection criteria for a variety of professions, we also have the insight to know that you need a dedicated system to keep track of training in large teams. So, since we are committed to making safeguarding training easy and accessible, we’ve developed an online learning management system specifically to do just that.

Our unique online learning management system allows you to keep track of all staff training in one central location, and at the simple touch of a button, you can roll out courses to all staff in your organisation. Personalise and schedule automatic reminders to send out to any staff who haven’t yet completed their training, and easily arrange refresher training for those with expired certificates. Our online system will also keep all of your staff training certificates in one place, so your administrator(s) can evidence staff training at any time.

vulnerable adults safeguarding training

Want to learn more about online vulnerable adults safeguarding training?

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