Video blogs highlight abuse to teenagers

Jamal Edwards, who runs music site SBTV, and comedy trio Mandem on the Wall have produced video blogs talking about issues affecting teenage relationships. They have been joined by Charlie McDonell and Twist and Pulse as part of the This is Abuse campaign aimed at reaching teenage boys.

Their video blogs discuss issues such as consent, sexting and controlling behaviour. They aim to raise awareness among teenagers about what constitutes abuse and violence in their relationships.

The videos end with a yes or no question. The aim is to start interactive conversation with viewers challenging harmful attitudes and highlighting what constitutes abuse.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said:

Abuse in teenage relationships does happen, but boys often do not recognise the signs.

That is why we have teamed up with these YouTube stars to get our message out there – that abuse is never acceptable. With their significant online followings they can inform teenage boys about what constitutes consent and abuse and how to recognise the signs.

Early intervention is crucial in order to prevent abuse before it starts and our This is Abuse campaign aims to prevent young people becoming victims or perpetrators of sexual violence.