Urgent review into children’s homes

Following a recent parliamentary inquiry which revealed that the occupant’s of children’s homes in England are three times more likely to run away and consequently be exposed to abuse and exploitation than children who live at home, the Government has announced a review of the effectiveness of children’s homes.
Two all-party parliamentary committees found that hundreds of children went missing from children’s homes each year in England. They described this statistic as a scandal which is going on pretty much unnoticed. It found that local authority social workers too often consider children in homes to be troublesome nuisances and a drain on resources rather than vulnerable people who were in need to support.

Two members of the Committees said “When children go missing, they are at very serious risk of physical abuse and exploitation and sometimes so desperate they will rob or steal to survive. Until recently protecting these children has not been at the top of anyone’s priority list.”
Approximately 4,500 children live in England’s 1,810 registered care homes.